How Do You Grade Yourself?

If you had to grade your dog training and showing practices, what grade would you give YOURSELF?

Base the grade on effort and time spent in planning training sessions, thinking about goals, and working on YOU, either by continued education or fitness.

Many of us get by with just an “average” grade spending some time in planning training but rarely set goals.  Sometimes, we fail miserably, rarely putting any thought into how or what to train, or even when or where to show, much less looking at our physical and mental ability.

Do you feel like you only give 50%?  Maybe you only spend a small amount of time, if any, planning your training sessions and setting goals, knowing full well that you should have done more?

So how would you grade yourself?

Isn’t it time to start looking at goals and planning your training?

2 thoughts on “How Do You Grade Yourself?”

  1. Yes I need to look at my goals and plan more during my training. I think this class has helped me realize that I must address a problem by going way back to the foundation instead of trying to push ahead to the final result before we are ready

    1. So delighted you are getting a lot from the FocusHocusPocus class … Foundations are everything … with those you can go anywhere :>)

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