classHow the Online Classroom Works (and why you want to sign up for MY Online classes.)

  • Easy to use with your computer or IPad. Just log on and learn.
  • Spend as much, or as little time as you want each week. You will have access 24/7.
  • FaceBook groups to post questions or comments.
  • Helpful PDF files and training logs, to guide you through training.
  • Quick Feedback on all questions or any videos you post.
  • I teach you how I train, what I do, and what I know that works for all dog breeds.

Here are the TOP TEN REASONS why online classes will benefit you and your dog.

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These classes are FREE to EVERYONE!

Games! A must for all great dogs!

These games are not only great for burning energy in your dogs, but also teach your dog to retrieve and bring back objects.

Success is in the Proofing

Proofing is the last, and most important step to having success in the ring. This great book will give you all the “ins and outs” of proofing and will teach you how to be consistent, fair, and resourceful.

Building Blocks the Steps to Success!

The confidence established during training BUILDING BLOCKS, will be evident in the way your dog happily, correctly, and consistently performs skills.

Games for a Retrieve!

What every dog should have for any venue you do!

4 Week Classes includes 6 Months Content Access.


People are screaming for more Focus

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Nov 1st

This class will build on skills and drills learned in the Games4Focus Class

Open Problem Solving Class

Shave off those unwanted point deductions and start Qing more NOW!

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Utility Problem Solving Class

Now is the time to increase your dog’s confidence and Q rate when showing!

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Crate2Gate 2019

This class is full of MY SECRETS.

Games and concepts to keep training AND showing FUN!

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Fab Fronts & Finishes Class

You too can have Fab Fronts and Fantastic Finishes
Teach + Polish + Proof = Perfect Fronts

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Kickin Up Heeling 2o19
Learn all the GREAT games you need to have awesome heeling.
New class starting in 2020 

Focus Hocus Pocus

Get the awesome attention, focus, and desire from your dog that you have always wanted.

New class starting in 2020

NEW Kickin Up Turns ClassYou can not have great heeling if your don’t have great TURNS!
New class starting in 2020

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