Games! A must for all great dogs!

Games YOU play with Your dog achieve many goals.

What you will learn:

*how to build rapport with your dog

*how to build drive in your dog

*how to create interest in your dog for interacting with you

*and most important, how to make training FUN!


The games are great for burning energy in your dog and can help teach your dog to retrieve and bring back objects.
The following games are FREE to everyone. ENJOY!

Jump to Hand.

An important part of all games and/or skills is asking your dog to jump up towards your hand such as in finishes and transition games. This game will teach you and your dog how to jump to your hand.

Cookie Toss.

A must for any skill or exercise where your dog drives away from, or comes back to you.  This is a GREAT game for burning off energy for dogs of any age especially puppies and young dogs!

Get It Game.

This game teaches your dog to drive away from you, turn quickly towards you, and come back just as fast to you.  In other words, this game will teach your dog to bring back objects such as balls, dog bowls, newspaper, dumbbell, gloves etc.

KrazyKookie Game (KK) .

The “KrazyKookie” Game is a personal favorite game of mine.  I use this game to build desire in dogs that do not play with toys.  It makes the dog work for the treat so there are no “freebies.”  As a result, a dog HAS to give more effort to “WIN” the reward.  This is a FUN game for both the handler and their dog.