The first time your puppy jumps on you, it may be cute. However, when he becomes full grown or you are wearing your best cloths his jumping on you may not be so cute anymore!

When training your puppy, be aware of how you teach him to keep all 4 of his feet on the ground. You may try to push him off. Unfortunately, to your puppy this push can signal the start of a rough play session. The result will be that he does what any normal puppy would do – he jumps with greater enthusiasm to interact and play with you.
If you have a jumper on your hands, there are a several good ways to change your puppy’s behavior.

One way is to simply ignore the behavior and turn you back when your puppy jumps on you. Eventually your puppy will learn that jumping gets him no response or worse, gets no attention. Be patient and very consistent in ignoring your young puppy when he jumps on you. It may take several instances for him to get the message. When all four of his feet are on the ground, praise and reward your puppy with some treats.

A second option of teaching your puppy not to jump on you is giving him a non-compatible behavior. It is as easy as using your “sit” command. Set up some scenarios. Place your puppy in a different room or outside. Have some tasty treats ready.

I have started using these treats recently. They are soft, easy to break apart and good for your puppy or dog. Just click on the image and it will take you to Amazons affiliate link to the treats.

Open the door and go into the room where your puppy is. As soon as your puppy sees and runs to you, tell him to “sit”. Calmly take his collar with one hand and feed him several treats with the other hand. Praise your puppy calmly. Let go of the collar and walk away from your puppy. As you are walking away, put more treats in one hand. Turn to face your puppy. Again, your puppy will run to you. Take his collar with one hand and feed with the other hand. End you session by placing a leash on your puppy and taking a nice long walk.

Enjoy your time with your puppy.

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