Bringing a New Puppy Home

puppyWhat is the best way to bring a new puppy or dog into your household?

Rapport and Control
As soon as you bring home your new dog or puppy, immediately start building a relationship with him/her.  Spend time and take him/her to many different places.

Encourage him/her to see you as a significant part of his life.  Engage your new puppy/dog in activities such as playing tug or taking on walks.  Teach your puppy/dog to enjoy your company even when you go to new, interesting and busy places!  Encourage him to check out the environment and introduce him to friendly dogs and people.  Use this time to also start training.  People do not need to give your puppy/dog treats.  Leave that “fun” for you to offer.

When meeting new people, randomly have your puppy/dog come back to you and reward him for doing so with play and/or treats.  Build his confidence and teach him to have the desire to be with you because you are more fun and interesting than anything else out there!

Earning Privileges

There is training to be done before your new dog or puppy is given the privilege of routine interactions with your other dogs.  Develop good verbal control of your new dog’s/puppy’s behavior.  This means, in the majority of situations, you are able to consistently manage his behavior by calmly speaking to him.

Each dog, including your new dog, should wait at entrances and exits, come to you when called and sit when told.  It is important to have verbal control over each dog individually and all the dogs as a group before your new dog is permitted to routinely interact with the other dogs in your household.  Make sure each of your dog’s understand and respond to your requests. It is important that each of your dogs recognizes you as an important presence even when they are playing and running about. You should be able to routinely intervene, stop any commotions, and maintain order in your household. When your dogs are playing, randomly call them to you. Make it a competition, the first to you gets the treats!

Structure and Boundaries

It is necessary that you provide immediate and constant structure and boundaries for your new dog/puppy. He should be challenged with mental and physical stimulation on a daily basis. He needs to be loved on and crate trained in order to become a great pet and companion. Until he is older, he should not have the same privileges that your other dogs have earned. Your new dog has to earn access to space and free time in the house or yard. Your other dogs have already earned those privileges and they should receive those perks! Since your other dogs will receive the same attention, training and exercise they have always had, they will have no reason to resent the newcomer.


Leadership and Responsibility
Since you have decided to add another dog to your household; you must assume all the responsibility for this new charge. You should provide him with consistent leadership and encourage him to live within the boundaries you have set. This will help him to adjust to his new environment and help him become confident and well behaved. Be sure to devote plenty of time to provide for his mental and physical needs.

Enjoy training, socializing, and providing mental and physical stimulation for your new dog/puppy.  This requires a great deal of time during the first few months, but will pay-off in a big way.  Provide your new dog/puppy with all he needs and he will grow into the loyal companion and wonderful family member that you would like to have in the years to come!

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