Fireworks- My Puppy is GOING Krazy!

fireworksAH – July 4th and FIREWORKS.

I take advantage when I get the opportunity to condition a new dog or puppy to ENJOY fireworks.

YES ~ I said enjoy!

We start inside the house so the fireworks sounds are muffled.   I surround myself with all my dogs.  Sly, Riker, and Karrde have all been through this conditioning drill.

We begin inside playing with toys and tugging.  Every time I hear a bang or boom,  I cue fun and games to all my dogs and we begin to play.

This cue becomes very exciting for all the boys and my new puppy, POE, picks up on the excitement quickly.  ONLY when I see that POE is having fun will I open my door or we will begin to venture outside.

Once outside, we wait for fireworks sounds.  I whistle and have fun, while the adult dogs run and bark.  As you can see, my other dogs are LOVING the GAME.  It will not take POE long to join in and ENJOY the Firework Games!

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