Platinum Subscription 2022 Registration

Merry Christmas from me to YOU!

Let’s start 2022 out right!  A year of training with me 😉

I am so excited to be offering the Platinum Subscription option to you again for 2022. 


If you have taken my classes before and can’t wait for the opportunity to take ALL the classes, polish your skills with drills and games, and have twice as much time to work with me, NOW IS THE TIME!  Let’s get back to training in 2022!

The annual subscription just $.     SPECIAL per month (11 months – no class in December BUT content through 12/31/2021) comes with:

  • Access to ALL WEBSITE CLASSESYes ALL CLASS content that is on the Website in 2022. (This does not include specialty FB Groups.)
  • NEW for 2022 – Fronts Pt 1, Finishes Pt 2, F&F Polishing and Perfecting, Heeling Pt 1, Turns Pt 2, Kicking Up Heeling Pt 3, Focus classes and more.
  • See this page for a list of tentative classes for 2022 – Classes – .
  • Class include various Topics: Focus, Obedience/Rally skills, Agility,  Behavior issues, and MORE.
  • Website Classes include:
      • “How to Teach” videos and written instructions.
      • Games to build desire and fun.
      • Learn the best ways to maintain desire and build accuracy.
      • Training Log PDFs.
      • Access to website class content as each class opens and until they close 6 months later or until 12/31/2022.
      • Zoom meetings.
      • Video feedback and questions in all Class FaceBook Groups.
  • 11 months of work and classes, (No class in December) BUT you will still have access to any classes content that remains open until 12/31/2022.
  • No need to sign up for any of the great website classes in 2022, YOU GET THEM ALL and I will email you when a class opens!
  • Special discounted prices on specialty FB Study Groups ONLY for Platinum members.

WOW! It is time to get into training the games, fun, and focus!

Registration OPEN!  SIGN UP! 

SPECIAL Registration closes 12/30/21 midnight.