Platinum Subscription Registration

Merry Christmas.   This is IT!  The gift you have been looking for and it all is just for YOU.

I am so excited to be offering a NEW Subscription option to you.  Only a select few will receive this offer.

If you have taken my classes before and are dying for the opportunity to retake the classes, polish your skills with drills and games, and have twice as much time to work with me, NOW IS THE TIME!

The annual subscription (11 months – no class in December) comes with:

  • Access to ALL CLASS CONTENT.  Yes EVERYTHING that is released on the Website in 2020.
  • My great 4 week classes – Games4Focus, Kickin Up Heeling, Kickin Up Turns, Fab Fronts & Finishes, and Skills, Drills, and Thrills classes at the GOLD LEVEL.  Each class has 6 months access to class content.
  • NEW Specialty classes, also at gold level.  Topics: Focus Cram class, Go-outs, Kickin Recalls, Wicked Weaves, etc.   One new specialty class released per month.
  • ALL classes include:
      • “How to Teach” videos and written instructions.
      • Games to build desire and fun.
      • Learn the best way to Sequence and maintain desire and build accuracy.
      • Problem Solving common issues.
      • Proofing. The last and best step for your success.
      • Easy to use training log.
      • Points to Remember PDF.
      • Access to content as each class opens.
      • 6 month access to content.
      • Post YouTube video in a private Forum or FaceBook Group.
      • Video feedback and questions for 4 weeks in a private Forum or FaceBook Group.
  • 11 months of work and classes, (No class in December)  BUT you will still have access to content.
  •  No need to sign up for any of the great classes in 2020, YOU GET THEM ALL!

WOW! It is time to get into the games, fun, and focus my classes!

Registration OPEN!  SIGN UP!  Registration closes 12/26/19 at midnight. 

Registration closed. :<(